Friday, August 15, 2008

Laziness? Over active??

There are staggering variations in human conduct. All these can be traced to selfishness or laziness. I had heard that auto drivers in Bengaluru have two distinct speeds: 1) when there is a fare in 2) when seeking a fare. Similarly I came across an instance wherein the road marking has been done in a casual manner as if it is not the job of that agency to do any other minor adjustment. Elegant and workman like fashion will call for more efforts. Rarely people will bother to put in a little in making their work more useful.

I also came across an instance wherein the shamiana erecting agency just cut off the telephone dropwire from the telephone pole to the house just because it was coming in the way of the erection of the shamiana. The pendal itself was erected on the road to facilitate a private function, just stopping all other road use.

The first instance is due to laziness and the later is to do any thing for money. The person who ordered the work will not take any excuse but will demand full satisfaction. We have to live amidst all these vagaries.


Harit said...

Great captures of incidents that were somewhat hilarious and somewhat infuriating at the same time. Also, the contrast brought out in the blog is unusual.

Anonymous said...

hi all