Saturday, June 27, 2009

೨೦೦೮ ಹಿನ್ನೋಟ

For us 2008 was half spent in Sunnyvale and another half in Bangalore. It
started with preparation for journey to California, where we were heading to
be of help to our daughter Nikhila who was expecting her second child.
The arrival of Ishika was pretty close to our landing there and the time we
spent there was fulfillment of purpose of visit. We had a relapsed occasion
of seeing an infant growing up in our full view. We had one more satisfaction
that both daughters and their families were within reach.

I had to visit a dentist in US, though not of my choice. I had one tooth
extracted by him. My daughter Nitya asked me "How did you feel the
difference about the facilities in India and this place?" I did feel that US
has better facilities. First thing was X-ray machine takes full photo of the
entire jaw. May be in India they take photo of only a portion; for cost
reason of course. Extraction was very quick action. The bill was hefty. It
so happened that I had to get two more teeth extracted in India after
return; it is to make me fell the difference in practices in US and India.

One more thing came to my notice. The way the Dentist took the history of
the patient. There was a check list. From that check list I became conscious
that I have "teeth grinding" problem. Till then It was happening without my
knowing it.

We made full use of invitations to parties by the relatives and friends of
both the daughters. We enjoyed the consideration showed for senior citizens
everywhere. While traveling back to India we were lucky to have the company
of our two elder grand children. We enjoyed their company in India also.
The period was also an experience of how to deal with youngsters who were
away from their parents. We had to be extra caring and loving.

Now, in the later part of the year, we spent in the new portion of the
house, which was added recently.

One more interesting event in my life was crossing 15 years of retired life,
which means deduction of commuted portion of the pension stops. Now I am
receiving full pension. Oh, one more event: implementation of 6th Pay
commission's recommendations gave some lift in my pension.

I completed the voluntary work of transliteration of kannada novel
"shamanna" by K.Virabhadrappa during 2008. This involved typing 577 pages of
the novel using english key-board as equivalent to writing our names in english characters.
I had written articles in and "India currents". But a break
through happened when I was introduced to blogging by my son-in-law.
I now have a blogging webpage at

2009 has entered and we are as busy or as leisurely usual.

This was prepared in early January, but being posted here late.


Harit said...

Your year-end summary has coincided with our "financial year-end" summary that we are writing now for our managers. :-)

Good idea to re-cap the highlight events of the year at the end of each year.

Also, cheers to you for continuing to blog regularly for more than a year since the initiation ... wonder what the exact start date was. :-)

We expect a party to celebrate the newfound pay raise the next time we meet.

mnsrao said...

March 30, 2008 was the opening day of my blog. Do you remember that you were so enthusiastic about introducing me to blogging and also propagating it amongst our common friends to visit the page. Thanks for your initiation. This is a return gesture to net - don't always take from net, but put something also to into net
This post was in reply to Nitya's similar post in January itself. As I was bored in composing new matter I just copied and pasted it to keep the blogging alive. You liked the post while Niki had called this survey of the preceding year a fad not to her fancy.
Sure there will be a party for pay rise.
How about price rise?

venka said...

Nice and entertaining year-end summary! Thanks for being "extra caring and loving" to the grandchildren. I think that is what grandparents do, and grandchildren enjoy :-)
Congrats on several of your accomplishments - completing transliteration of "shamanna", blogging regularly, and of course the pay rise! Party certainly warranted..