Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My surprise

Cricket is very popular in India and people are crazy. Whenever any foreign team is in India, home team is playing in foreign country or it is a fixture between India and Pakistan the feverish pitch goes up. I was also a typical Indian and was behaving similarly till match fixing scandal took place a few years ago. I realised that the thrill of the match is not the real thrill and it was predetermined by money tricks and not the skill and capacities of the teams. From that time onwards my interest in the game got reduced to knowing the final result of the match only and not the "running news" (akin to "running commentary").
Now a new twist to the phenomena; they say it is spot fixing. Due to lack of interest in the game, I did not "research" the phenomena to know its mechanisms.
Today I came across two items in the news media.
1. A letter to the Editor "Deccan Herald", Bangalore on this topic. I donot want to summurise it, but recomend you to read it under "Honour fixers" in the attached image

2. Mohammad Azharuddin has issued a statement on this issue. Read it here

My surprise is that Mohammad Azharuddin who was connected with match fixing earlier is pointing his finger at others now.

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Harit said...

Maybe because Azhar was caught and punished, he wants to take everyone else involved to task.