Thursday, January 13, 2011

Google gives me stuff to write

In my last post I had lamented that I didn't utilise an opportunity of writing in the blog of a novelty adopted by Google I noticed. Again today Google has repeated the trick, may be in India only. May be if frequency of such gimmicks increases it may lose attraction.

Moving the mouse over the logo shows Makara sankranti. In Gujarat kite flying festival is observed on this day and Google has tried to symbalise Makara sankranti with it.

This logo with Kite flying is symbolic of Makara sankranti observed in India on January 14. In most parts of India, predominantly agricultural country, it is harvest season and all festivals are are related to seasons and religion. Talking of seasons Tropic of Capricorn in India is opposite of mid-Summer in southern hemisphere.

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Harit said...

Thanks for posting this. Here, there is no change to the Google logo, so it must be an India only thing. The logo is quite cool, I must say.