Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Combined words

When I was reading on the web I came across a word 'glamazine' meaning glamour magazine. Immediately more words, we often use came to my mind 'brunch' and 'netizen' .
'brunch' for breakfast and lunch combined.
'netizen' is a combination of net and citizen

Language is nurtured by people by putting such words into usage. I thought of finding more words and list them. My search using Google search yielded some words

I found the following words interesting
neverve never + have. (I neverve done that before)
cutool cute + cool.
partion part + portion. (Can I have a partion of pizza?)
stilly Stupid + Silly (That chick is straight stilly.)
sprot adj. made of super + hot. ("Man that chick is sprot")
fantabulotastic fantastic + faboulous (Oh my god! That's fantabulotastic!
swicked sweet + wicked. (His scenester haircut is pretty swicked.)
quierdo queer + wierdo. (That Terry kid is such a quierdo.)
baditude bad + attitude. (Man, he's got a baditude.)
borson boring + person. (Lisa, your such a borson!)
swevil sweet + evil. (Robert that wizard tat is swevil.)


Harit said...

Never heard of many of these ... looks like I am already a generation behind. :-( Keeposting!! Blog itself is a double word for web-log.

Roshan said...

Cool! This is something like 'samaasa' in Sanskrit and Kannada! Some funny samaasa interpretation in Kannada:
1. Dampati : dam illada pati
2. GanDaantara: GanDaninda antara