Sunday, June 22, 2008

Recovering Scratched CDs.

I got a blank CD-R with empty label side. Some manufacturers do not put any label on their CDs. The method of identifying label side or the burning side is to see for the identification mark on the inner ring around the hole (you should be able to read ir and it should not be the miror writing of some letter and numbers) or to examine the shine of multicolor against light on the writing side. If you insert the CD by the wrong side the CD ROM will not read it.

After burning some songs on that CD I wanted to mark it and in a hurry I wrote identification mark on the writing side by mistake. I thought I lost whole thing. I did not throw it away immediately. But thought I could find some way to recover the data later by hook or crock.

While I was browsing I got a link to the subject of Recovering Scratched CDs. My CD in question was not a scratched CD in reality, but a tampered one. When I read the article fully I thought I could give a try to the method suggested there.

I used wet tooth-paste and rubbed the ink mark and washed the CD with water dried it and tried reading it. I was wonder struck to see that it could play music. You can get solutions to your problems from the experienced people.


Harit said...

Good site ... I had to throw away one CD for this reason ... if only I had known about that site earlier!!

Emilia said...

People should read this.