Saturday, July 5, 2008


Two important thoughts come to my mind whenever I think of the subject of retirement. Both of these are spoken out by different people on different send-off parties.

one advice was that retiree should try to maintain same time schedule of home stay lest he may interfere with his spouse home making work. All these days she would be enjoying freedom in her work and you would naturally interfere in her work assuming your superiority. To avoid friction you should plan that you stay out and spend time usefully. This will hep in maintaining good relations in the family.

Another was that all retirees will become equals like the struck chess pawns and deposited back in the box, be it be a solder or the minister. What is the use of being excessive bossing as you will lose importance after retirement. Your erstwhile colleges will talk bad of you.

I have more on this topic and will write later.

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Roshan said...

Ha ha. Very well said. I read somewhere that Japanese have a high rate of divorces after the retirement, because they would have spent most of their life working hard away from home. They don't know how to spend time with the other half....