Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tieing lose flowers to make a garland.

I was sitting at coffee table reading morning news paper. I had hardly noticed activities around. Lot of lose flowers was in a heap at the other end and working hands producing tied garland! An idea struck. Why not capture the scene in a video. By this I could achieve two goals. I can test my digital camera for video capture and post the same on 'you tube', for what ever it is worth.
After I captured the scene I plied it back on my PC and invited my wife to view it. She was simply surprised about it as she had no thought that camera was on video mode. when I announced that I will post the video on 'you tube' she felt that action with formal dress would have been apt. Ladies will want to be attractive always!
See the video at

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Nitya said...

This skill is very fascinating for many people in the US. Viewing this video reminded me that one of my friends had requested me to teach her how to tie the flowers.