Monday, April 27, 2009


Google remembers Samuel Morse

BANGALORE:Anyone who had visited googles homepage on Monday would have been shocked to see "-. -----. .-.. ." instead of the usual logo of the search engine.

As we scroll down the curser, the answer was very much there -the search giant has kept up the practice of honouring scientists its logo in Morse code to mark the birth anniversary of Samuel Morse.

Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born on April 27 1791 (218 years ago), and his invention played a key role in long distance communications.

Despite being a talented painter gaining admission to the Royal Academy, Morse turned his attention to invention in 1832 as he went on a voyage with an expert in electromagnetism. Morse code

He then patented the concept of sending swift long distant messages through electrical wires which later became the standards.

Each alphabet was converted into dots and dashes, for which Morse gave his name.

Morse codes had remained populartill the early part of this decade, until it was replaced communication system.

Google is known for producing the witty doodles to mark important occasions, especially of scientific significance. Last week, it marked the St Georges day (St George being the patron saint of Britain) and the birth anniversary of William Shakespeare.

It also regularly marks the birth anniversary of Louis Braille (on January 4), inventor of the Braille code for the blind and the icon for disabled persons, Helen Keller (June 27) logos in Braille and making the mention of the occasion on their homepage. DH News Service

This news attracted my attention and took me back to many years when I had stint with Morse code. I have already blogged here

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