Monday, April 27, 2009

Retired Telecom Officers of Bengaluru

Retired Telecom Officers of Bengaluru met on 26-4-09. This is a regular feature for Telecom Officers to assemble periodically and spend one day to renew contacts. To provide pep to the occasion some talk or some interesting event will be added. This time one puppet show was arranged.

There was mimicry show wherein cine songs of yester years were reproduced in the same fashion.
I have taken some photos of the event and they are posted here:
My new look (BVNRao in the background)

Friends (Mukunda and Srikantaiah)

Bevy of ladies (L2R Mrs.SSRao,Dikshit,MNSRao,...NGKadni

Back benchers(Row1 L2R Srikantah, HanumanthaRao,BCRao, Row2 BRShankaraRao, BVNRao)

Popular speaker (US KrishnaMurthy)

Puppet show glimpse.

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Harit said...

At first, the images did not show up when I read the post, so I thought the "My new look" and "Bevy of ladies" was related to each other. ;-)

Nice get together, looks like.