Sunday, August 8, 2010

Father and son

I came across this video about the relationship between father and son.

My comments:
It is down to earth video. It shows generation gap. It does not show cruelty as the son hugs the father when he learns his flaw. He is ready to amend himself. It also shows that young are still dealing with problems of life and therefore they are under stress. But when it comes to their children they are concerned and suppress impatience ( young father accepts the same question 21 times) and when it comes to his father he thinks it can be ignored as the old may be just testing, his question is not that important or the father has to adjust to him because he has already learnt patience and essence of life. And he cannot probably remember what his father gave him when he was young; he has to be shown the dairy. Young are impatient and old who were also impatient when young have learnt patience.

I think real understanding of life is really difficult and one thing is conflicting with the other. That is one of the reasons why old people turn to philosophy for they learn that that they have very little power to alter any thing in this world.

I had read some where "Don't return kindness please pass it on" This means give love and affection to children so that the children will pass it on their children. If they start returning all to parents, their energies will reduce and their children will not get all that is due and needed. If parents also get enough from their children it is bonus. I think they are giving to parents also but it may be unseen or not very explicit.

We should continue to give love to our children (passing on) despite what our children are doing (not returning) to us. I think thinking young are bad is again generation gap on the part of the old.

May be I am wrong


Harit said...

Very interesting video, indeed. As you point out, it starkly contrasts the generation gap.

Nitya said...

interesting video.